Passports available for pick-up


To collect passports you must contact the Consulate to make an appointment. Passports will not be delivered without appointment.

At the consulate of Reggio Calabria are available for collection some passports listed below.

Passports available for pick-up

Please note that the collection of passports is free and can only be done by appointment to be arranged by calling 0965.1870750.

The Consulate of the Philippines in Reggio Calabria confirms that, in light of the provisions of the Philippine Government, passports and other documents can only be delivered to the interested parties or their closest family members, who have a proxy and can prove the degree of kinship.

In any case, a large number of passports and documents cannot be handed over to individuals.

To collect a passport through a close family member, use the proxy to collect the passport which can be downloaded at the following address:


The new passport can not be delivered without the presentation of the receipt of payment and delivery of the old passport.

If the applicant is a minor, the passport can be collected by the parent or other family member with a proxy.